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A profound commitment to trust, expertise and resolve.

Trust is the most valuable characteristic of a beneficial relationship. Without trust, the parties cannot reach a fair and rapid resolution. That is why trust is the cornerstone of our resolve to bring to our clients the reassurance of competent counsel and insight. Trust is of paramount importance to file handling and mediation processes alike. 

Everyone associated with Percival Law is committed to this principle. Nothing less will do. 

Legal Sevices

Our goal is to take all legal steps required in a bold and driven yet adaptable and case-specific manner. Our procedure is efficient, but never sacrifices quality of service. Our clients are kept fully and transparently informed throughout. 

The firm has adopted a paperless, portal-based approach to client communication. Clients can readily and easily access all relevant files and current reports online. This allows Percival Law to be exceptionally responsive and accessible.


Our commitment is to deliver superior service without compromise. To meet this goal, the firm operates in tandem and shares resources with independent adjusting firms. This provides strength and economy, as we operate a synergistic one-stop shop that consolidates resources. This also allows us to offer legal services at a very competitive hourly rate.


Percival Law provides amplified services leading to strong results. We increase the prospect of resolving claims in their pre-litigation infancy. Our approach allows a lawyer to be involved at the outset, if required, who can then take over carriage of claims as necessary, without the need to revisit and review.


The advantages to this claims handling approach are several: 

- Legal advice on an ad hoc, issue by issue basis


- Readily accessible legal expertise in claims analysis, coverage issues, liability concerns, in-depth litigation and claims quantification 

- Legal opinions providing adjusters with augmented analyses bolstering their settlement prospects at the adjuster level before matters need to be sent to defence counsel 

- Proactive settlement meetings at the outset 

- Mediation services available 

- Available access to shared resources 

- Efficient, current, portal-accessible reporting 

Mediations Services

Mediation is a form of facilitated negotiation. A neutral and impartial mediator is entrusted with the task of facilitating dialogue and steering the parties toward resolution. To encourage candid discussion, the mediator relies on the trust of all parties. The mediator does not take sides. The mediator has no personal interest in the outcome. The mediator’s role is to encourage communication, concessions and a resolution arrived at by the parties themselves.


For a mediation to work successfully, both sides need to be committed to participating in good faith. They must be prepared to engage in a frank dialogue, stay focused on resolution, and attend with authority to ultimately agree upon a settlement at the end of the process. 

Thomas Percival places great emphasis on the trust bestowed upon him as a mediator by clients who rely on him to guide their communication toward resolution. 

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